Rumors Surrounding the Upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 and Casting for The Last of Us Season 2

Rumors Surrounding the Upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 and Casting for The Last of Us Season 2



1/15/20242 min read

black and red nintendo switch
black and red nintendo switch

In the world of gaming, rumors and speculations often generate a significant amount of buzz and excitement among enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into the latest rumors surrounding the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2, as well as the casting details for The Last of Us season 2.

Nintendo Switch 2: What to Expect?

Since its release in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has gained immense popularity, captivating gamers with its unique hybrid design and an impressive library of games. As fans eagerly await the next iteration of the console, rumors have been circulating about the Nintendo Switch 2, or possibly a "Pro" version.

One of the most talked-about features is the potential for upgraded hardware, including a more powerful processor and enhanced graphics capabilities. This would allow for more visually stunning and immersive gaming experiences. Additionally, there are rumors of an improved screen with higher resolution and better color accuracy.

Another aspect that has garnered attention is the possibility of 4K support. While the current Nintendo Switch can only output games at a maximum resolution of 1080p when docked, the rumored Switch 2 might bring 4K gaming to the table, providing a significant leap in visual fidelity.

Moreover, there have been whispers of improved Joy-Con controllers, addressing some of the concerns raised by users regarding drift and durability. Additionally, rumors suggest that the Switch 2 might introduce new features such as Bluetooth audio support and an upgraded battery life.

The Last of Us Season 2: Casting Details

The Last of Us, a critically acclaimed video game developed by Naughty Dog, is set to receive a television adaptation for its highly anticipated second season. With the success of the first season, fans are eagerly awaiting news about the casting for The Last of Us season 2.

According to recent rumors, several actors have been linked to potential roles in the series. One of the most prominent rumors suggests that Mahershala Ali, known for his outstanding performances in projects like "Moonlight" and "True Detective," is being considered for a key role in the upcoming season.

Furthermore, there have been speculations about Bella Ramsey, best known for her portrayal of Lyanna Mormont in "Game of Thrones," joining the cast of The Last of Us season 2. Ramsey's talent and ability to portray strong and complex characters make her a compelling choice for the role.

While these casting rumors have sparked excitement among fans, it is important to note that no official announcements have been made yet. As with any rumors, it is essential to take them with a grain of salt until confirmed by the production team.


The gaming community is abuzz with rumors surrounding the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 and the casting for The Last of Us season 2. While these rumors provide a glimpse into what might be in store for gamers and fans of the series, it is crucial to remember that they are still speculative until official announcements are made.

As we eagerly await more information, it is exciting to think about the potential improvements and additions that the Nintendo Switch 2 might bring. Similarly, the casting rumors for The Last of Us season 2 have sparked intrigue and anticipation for the upcoming television adaptation.

Until then, we can only speculate and hope that these rumors turn out to be true, bringing joy and excitement to gaming enthusiasts and fans of The Last of Us alike.